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Sentrox-OAM...Shrimp Feed Additive and Water Treatment is a unique anti-microbial product 
containing organic acids and compounds formulated to safely and rapidly reduce the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms on shrimp without leaving any chemical residue compounds in the animal tissue after use. At less than 1ppm , Sentrox is very effective against many harmful microbes and continues to work for a period of days after treatment. Once the sick animals are treated, infections and high mortality rates are dramatically and safely reduced and can vanish in just a few days. Sentrox is not an antibiotics. Even so, its effectiveness can challenge the results of many objectionable chemicals or antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline, Enrofloxacine,and others once an infection is active. Sentrox is sold as a gel or powder for a feed additive or pond water disinfection.

Sentinel-BMO…Beneficial Microorganisms growth factors and nutrients to promote a healthy 
pond and better water quality

Sentinel-BMO Benefits
Promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms in water column
Increases available nutrients
Ammonia and nitrite contamination is reduced
Dissolved oxygen is increased during production cycle


Nu-Soil… A blend of specific enzymes, bacterial spores and 
nutrients for soil regeneration in shrimp and fish ponds. A natural 
product formulated under a unique biological fermentation of Bacillus 
spp., soil regenerating enzymes, nitrification bacteria culture and 
ammonia binders. Once the product is added to the pond, 
soil´s organic matter is converted into the feed substrate 
thus helping shrimp and aquatic species to produce more 
per area and reducing the toxic effects of sulphur 
and slurry.

Artemia… Top quality Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia Cysts) that were expertly harvested from a natural saltwater lake. Nauplii hatched from quality artemia cysts are perhaps the best natural source of essential nutrition for newborn shrimp or fish that is readily available on the market

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